There are so many reasons to have security cameras in liquor stores—for security, obviously, but, maybe more importantly, to capture those life-affirming moments when dozens of bottles fall to the floor and shatter in an indescribably satisfying way.

We do not condone, needless to say, the actions of the woman in the video above, and recommend she seek help with what would seem to be obvious anger issues; that being said, there is something quite literally awesome about the efficient sweep of an arm across a liquor store shelf, possibly because it's the embodiment of the "just-don't-give-a-fuck" attitude of which we all live in a quiet, disgusted kind of admiration. (The video is from CBS New York).

The other video, our enjoyment of which is ethically questionable in a slightly different way, is an object lesson in proper wine-shelving.


This video, which has been circulating for the last month or so, is of unknown provenance.