Come one, come all, for a great Tyrade is about to commence. On this week's ANTM, emotions and tensions run high as chicken dinners are screeched over and demons from the past are confronted.

After last week's farewell to (whoops, we already forgot- that's just how it is in this biz), the girl's head back to the Chateau for a little pizza and lady-talk bonding. Which is when Ondrei lowers the bomb: one of her brothers died in a car accident and the other was murdered. Kaboom. Of course, the other girls are shocked. The murder happened only months ago and no one can understand how Ondrei is strong enough to compete. It's really an all too serious, too real moment in the lives of our beauties.

And just as things are becoming too uncomfortable for Bravo or CW or whatever channel these ladies parade around on, there's a Chicken Fight of epic proportions. Remember last week how we bet on the who's who personalities of the show? Well Crazy Alpha Gurl is Alexandra. Hands down. She leaves a petri dish of salmonella in the fridge and things get crayzay. I'm not even sure what happened exactly, but I do know that a tiny piece of poultry and some glamazons were involved.


So as we discussed emotions are running high, and just in time for everyone to confront their inner critic. Perfect, we got them right where we want 'em. Niles, who appears to be wearing several coats of Bad Gal mascara, introduces some acting coach/Pictionary expert who is there to help the girls "emote." Each girl is given her own easel with which to draw this inner screech demon. Jacqueline Jr., Jacqueline from RHONJ's progeny, is particularly frightening in a Sesame Street kind of way. Poor Baby J and her Baby J voice and Baby J face.

Blah blah, demons, blah blah. It's picture time! So natch, a boatload of bees is brought onto the set. I'm pretty sure they do this at least once during every (girl's) cycle- this thing with the crawling insects and the photography. The girl's are judged on, surprise, the level of fierceness and ferocity and ferciousness they bring to the images. Before the judging however, Ondrei comes forward and announces that she is in fact too fragile to compete and decides to go home. I genuinely feel for her and wish her well. In a double dose of sad though, Nicole ends up joining her. She photographs like an "old auntie," says Tyreka, and that just won't do. A minor piece of my heart is gone, but fortunately the heart is a regenerative muscle (huh?) and it will be regrown just in time for next week.


As promised, here are the Tyra Quotes from this week's epi:

  • "She is the nutritionist of me"
  • "So I just learned something today"
  • "Feel the wind in your...eyes"
  • "Where you get em [french salons]? A swap meet?"
  • "You have a young colt's face"