Today we heard some bulllllshit from presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, all about how Barack Obama isn't a real American because he hates Britain for what it did to Kenya and plus there was a statue that he didn't like or something. Huckabee is crazy! How crazy? Look at this previously unpublished statement a commenter unearthed.

From PracticeYourFootwork:

Huckabee walks statement back even further:

"It was a slip of the tongue when I said that the President spent his childhood in Kenya. What I actually meant to say was that the President spent his childhood with Kanye. And Kanye, as we know, thinks that George W. Bush hates black people, so you can only imagine what his views on the Mau Mau Rebellion might be. This is why I think the President has a different worldview. This is why he eventually ended up in Hawaii. Look at what the women wear in Hawaii. They call it the Muumuu. Mau Mau. Muumuu. You think that's a coincidence? Don't piss on my dog and tell me it's Midnight. If you actually read my book, this would be abundantly clear. Hey! Who the hell ate the last 6 Ho Hos????"

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