You know what rules about being happy? Besides not ever staying up till three in the morning wondering if it's even morally right to bring a child into the world, at this point? This is what rules about happiness: You live longer! And you're healthier! Yes, a review of more than a hundred studies confirms: Happy people have every right to be smug, the bastards.

"I was almost shocked, and certainly surprised, to see the consistency of the data," study leader Prof. Ed Diener told The Daily Telegraph:

Prof Diener noted that while current health edicts focus on obesity, smoking, eating habits and exercise "it may be time to add 'be happy and avoid chronic anger and depression' to the list."

"Happiness is no magic bullet, but the evidence is clear and compelling that it changes your odds of getting disease or dying young."

You hear that, depresso? Snap out of it, or you'll die young! "Anxiety, depression, and pessimism," on the other hand, "were linked to higher rates of disease and a shorter lifespan," but, come one, anxious depressed pessimists wouldn't enjoy those last few years anyway.

[Telegraph; image via Shutterstock]