This group of gay Hollywood power players have all dated famous actresses, this celebrity couple is a fake, this inexperienced Oscar-nominee is now sleeping with all the ladies, and two items about athletes dating actresses. Maybe the actress-dating ballers have a club of their own.

1. "Which A-list actors are members of the new Hollywood gay clique? All have either married or dated high-profile women in Tinseltown." [P6]

2. "This celebrity couple is getting a lot of buzz but like so many other couples out there that have folks fooled, this relationship is also a setup. Arranged by publicists and management. Each celebrity in the arrangement gets something out of it. He gets a piece of what he's wanted for a really long time and she gets to ride on all the extra publicity. We love both of the young stars, but can't believe anyone is really buying it. No matter how sincere they might seem." [BuzzFoto]

3. "Which Oscar nominee has been making up for his previous lack of action with the ladies by sleeping his way around the film circuit?" [P6]

4. "This relationship between an actress and athlete is over, but here are a couple of the more interesting details. Their relationship was purely sexual. She would fly anywhere—complete with the child/ren and nanny – just to have sex with him. When he was ready for her, she would announce 'It's naptime!' (the couple's code word for sex) and then have the nanny watch after the kid/s while the couple went at it very loudly in the next room. She would text her friends about all the intimate details of their encounters (such as 'I just love his big cock, it feels so good inside me'). She also had a penchant for texting during sex, saying such things as, 'We're in the middle of naptime and here's what we're doing…'" [Blind Gossip]

5. "It looks like that no matter how much money you make, you can still be cheap, and not a gentleman. When this A list baseball player takes out his A-list actress girlfriend, he has a price limit of how much he will spend. It is embarrassingly low. Like barely more than McDonald's low. So, inevitably, despite him making way more money, our actress picks up the check for almost everything all the time." [CDaN]

6. "Which high-profile journalist's girlfriend slept with another man in his bed while he was off chasing a story? Let's hope she changed the sheets before his deadline." [P6]