This week on Archer, trusty accountant Cyril (who is voiced by Chris Parnell, in case you forgot) goes sells out ISIS for a measly $50,000 dollars. As a result, we're given a few flashbacks into Cyril's sad past.

The scene above—as hilarious as it all went down—is what pushed Cyril over the edge. After overhearing that the gang was from ISIS—and how relentlessly they teased Cyril—the evil Spelvin convinces him to do his dirty work.

That dirty work? Infecting ISIS with a virus that took over all of the company's computers and was sending the names of all of their secret agents to Spelvin. Cyril wasn't happy to hear what was really going on, and meets up with Spelvin, who pays him with a suitcase full of cash. Poor Cyril just wanted to be the hero for once!


We met Krieger's soon-to-be wife, too. That is, until Lana killed her.

When Cyril finally realizes that he can't fix the problem on his own, he enlists the help of Archer.


Cyril actually wins this battle—in the most "Cyril" way possible. Take that, Spelling Bee!