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Last night's Jersey Shore was full of pranks, clogged toilets and tearful reunions. Sammi returned, and to celebrate- Sammi, Snooki and Ronnie pranked the Situation by rubbing cheese all over his bed. A bed the Situation later got busy in.

The mechanics of the prank are simple. Sammi, Ronnie and Snooki gather all the different kinds of cheese in the house and then strategically rub it all over the Situation's mattress. Later after a night of clubbing the Situation brought a girl home and unknowingly hooked up in bed of cheese.

The next day the Situation awakes to complain to the girls about how the girl he brought home smelled so much like cheese he sent her home. Jwoww informs him that the grated cheese smell probably means he contracted an STD from her. This makes the Situation pace around anxiously all day. This may be the most ingenious prank in Jersey Shore history. It's much better than the Situation's prank on Snooki and Deena last week. Ah, cheese beds, just another day at the Shore.