Pity the overworked police officers of Madison, Wisconsin, who must be completely exhausted after monitoring around-the-clock protests for weeks while getting different orders every three seconds — clear the Capitol, reopen the Capitol, take senators into custody if they ever step foot in the state they represent, clear the Capitol, and so on — depending on Gov. Scott Walker's mood. So maybe it was this constant state of confusion that led some officers to tackle a Democratic lawmaker as he was trying to reach his Capitol office last night.

The Capitol's interior was closed off to the public last night, with officers guarding the entrances. Since liberal Wisconsin legislators don't ever seem to wear professional work attire, the police must have confused Democratic Rep. Nick Milroy with the average hobo sleeping on the lawn in the middle of winter. They tackled him to the ground before he was able to show his ID.

Milroy was headed to his office to pick up more of his hobo clothes and personal items, in fact. It's not that he forgot them when he left the office earlier in the day. It's because Milroy was "one of four Democratic Assembly members who moved their desks outside the Capitol Tuesday after public access was restricted." Madison, Wisconsin doesn't really make sense anymore; there's a tenuous sense of order now, but it will soon convert entirely to the surreal. This is why it's the best political story of the year by a mile.