Frank Bruni has an interesting story in the newly-revamped New York Times Magazine about David Murdock, an 87-year-old billionaire obsessed with extending his life through diet. (He's convinced he'll live until 125.) Murdock eats impeccably, completely abstaining from red meat, dairy and booze and chugging smoothies made of "pulverized banana peels and the ground-up rinds of oranges." And he's still pretty spry, for an octogenarian.

To give you a sense of the guy's diet, here's a recipe for the life-sustaining soup which Murdock eats twice a day:

Murdock Recipe: Vegetable Soup

1 quart organic vegetable broth

4 cups diced vegetables, like: ½ yellow onion, 1 medium carrot, large handful kale leaves, 1 medium zucchini, 1 medium tomato, 1 handful spinach, 1 handful green beans

2 tablespoons chopped fresh herbs, like basil and Italian parsley

Freshly ground black pepper and sea salt, to taste.

1. In a medium soup pot, heat broth to a boil, then reduce to simmer.

2. Add onion and carrots and simmer covered for 2 minutes. Add remaining vegetables and simmer until just tender.

3. Add fresh herbs and salt and pepper, to taste. Serves 4.

Pretty boring, even for soup. Would it kill Murdock to put a couple slices of bacon in there? (It might, actually.) Anyway, eat that boring soup every day and you're guaranteed to live to be 125 years old, just like Murdock will. 125 years of dull, joyless vegetable soup. Might be hard going for the first 40 years, but eventually you'll forget what a burrito even tasted like.

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