Do you have a dog? Have you taken any naps lately? Quick, count your toes! Because—if your dog is anything like this Shiba Inu in Oregon—some of them might be missing:

A dog ate three of his owner's toes as the diabetic man slept, most likely out of instinct to help remove diseased flesh, animal experts say.

James Little, 61, called 911 on Tuesday to say his dog had eaten the body parts while he was sleeping. He told The Associated Press on Friday that he is "doing fine."

What an amazing story! I feel like I got whiplash: A dog ate his owner's toes! Awful! But he was doing it for his owner's own good! Heroic! Also, Shiba Inus are really cute, so that's a whole other element to the story you need to deal with. And because I know you are wondering: The dog is "healthy but appears anxious" (wouldn't you, though?) and will be put up for adoption.

[AP via LehemSteel]