"It was the bloody death of a bird that provoked Mike to throw his first ever punch" says narrator Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire), and we're off to the pigeon races with Taking On Tyson, Animal Planet's new docudrama.

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On Episode One, former boxing champion Mike Tyson returns to his childhood home of Brownsville, Brooklyn, where we learn about his tragic pigeon past and that "at the age of 11 an encounter with a sadistic gang member made him a fighter." That after his belt-losing Lennox Lewis fight in 2002, he flew straight home to his coop where he finds comfort and solace (and Sapphire Glow-esque halos). And now he's trying to become a better person by forming a fledgling racing team with three of his oldest friends and a seasoned Racing Homer coach, to compete in the 6-month racing season of Tri-State pigeon clubs in this 6-episode series.

Taking On Tyson airs on Animal Planet, Sunday @ 10PM.