Here's an educational new video, courtesy of Think Progress, of that most common feature in American democracy: a Republican politician asking billionaire overlord David Koch for money.

This was shot Friday at the opening of the new MIT Koch Cancer Institute. Remember that it's pronounced "coke" before telling all your friends about the new "cock cancer" building at MIT. Although you can still do that, if you want. Anyway, here's a real life "Koch Ask" caught on video in Sen. Scott Brown's natural habitat of Massachusetts:

BROWN: Your support during the election, it meant a ton. It made a difference and I can certainly use it again. Obviously, the –

KOCH: When are you running for the next term?

BROWN: '12.

KOCH: Oh, okay.

BROWN: I'm in the cycle right now. We're already banging away.

He does stop short of outstretching his hands. Come on, Scott Brown! Do you want to win this thing or not?

This is the first time we've ever seen video footage of David Koch. What happened to his legendary snake hair and second and third heads? Must be makeup.