Last night's The Simpsons reminded us a valuable lesson about our elders: they'll always be cranky. When Lisa accidentally discovers a drug that subdues aggression, we see what life could be like with pleasant octogenarians... until their eyeballs fall out.

Problems start when Grandpa is kicked out of his nursing home for being too mean. He is forced to move in with the Simpsons, driving them all slowly insane with his perpetual, old man crabbiness.

After testing it on Grandpa, Bart and Homer immediately take Lisa's drug to a pharmaceutical company run by none other than Augustus Gloop, of Willy Wonka fame. Since they are not done testing the side effects of the drug, he makes them promise not to share the drug with anyone. Enter Bart Simpson.


Turns out the drug makes your eyeballs pop out! Whoops! A mob of senior citizens descend upon Gloop's pharmaceutical company to either get more drugs or make them pay. And give a quick jab to the modern generation while they're at it.