Uh-oh: Someone seems to have told Bono that his Spider-man musical sucks. And now, according to The New York Times, the U2 frontman has "taken a direct role" in talks with director Julie Taymor over the possibility of her exit.

So far, Turn Off the Dark has millions of haters, and only one fan: Glenn Beck. Not only is it (reportedly) a barely-finished, incoherent creative mess; the complicated stunts have injured several of its actors, culminating in three workplace safety violations being handed down this past weekend.

So, after rumors that Taymor would take on a co-director to help her figure out what goddamn story she's trying to tell, it's not surprising to hear the news that she may be forced out. According to the Times, the show's producers are apparently "negotiating" with the director, telling Taymor she needs to bring on a "newly expanded creative team," presumably to enact the changes the producers would like to see, or she'll be [draws finger across throat].

And which Hibernian Machiavelli is behind all this? One hint: It's not the Edge. The Times writes that Bono "has been away for much of the show's preview period," but is now "taking a direct role in the talks." Is he Taymor's biggest behind-the-scenes booster? Or is his return to Broadway from travels in search of the Cup of Jamshid the impetus for these "negotiations"?

[NYT; image via AP]