Remember how everyone caught Chlamydia on last week's Skins and we all hoped that it that would kill them off one by one? Well, it didn't. In fact, somehow the Chlamydia mixed with their teen blood and made them stronger.

[There was a video here]

The latest episode of MTV's Ugh, Why? focused on Daisy, Teen Baltimore's renowned people pleaser who is currently finding herself working overtime. See, Daisy's friendship circle was recently disrupted when Gay Tea made sweet love on Gross Tony who is supposed to be dating Hot Michelle. As previously mentioned, everyone got Chlamydia and, while no one died, a lot of people got mad and now Daisy is expected to get these unlikable bunch of dweebs liking each other again.

Daisy has lots of other things on her plate, as well. Unlike the other kids in her group of friends, she is poor and has to make money selling white t-shirts out of a shopping cart in Hamsterdam in the Western District-or at least that's what she did until Hamsterdam was shut down. Now, she works at a Hooter's-esque restaurant during the afternoons and plays trumpet in a jazz bar by night. She would like to play trumpet at home, but her father has forbid music ever since her mother, a jazz singer, took off for a reason that the audience is not yet privy to.

Despite her father's restrictions, Daisy's got quite the gift for horn blowin.' "A real Dizzy Gillespie," one man says. "Ain't seen no one play like her since the group split after Katrina," says another. She's so good that she's even gotten into a fancy contest. Or maybe it's a fancy audition?(I don't know. I was too busy thinking of David Simon references.) The bummer is that the contest/audition costs money, which she doesn't have a lot of, especially after the piano her father is selling to make rent gets trashed when Daisy's younger sister, an aspiring rapper (yes, you read that correctly) throws a party. Rather than audition, Daisy buys her dad a new piano, which touches him so much that he allows music back into the home. And rent gets paid… somehow.

Nonsensically, Daisy makes progress in reuniting her band of sad jerks and, in the process, ends up bedding Abbud. Who knows how that happens. One moment they're talking about her trumpet, the next they're talking about his religion, and suddenly she's propositioning him for sex in that totally confident way that all seventeen-year-old virgins have. Of course, there's a caveat: their time in the bone zone must be no strings attached. By the end of the episode, however, it's clear that both are developing feelings. These crazy teenagers! Can they ever NOT break the rules?