The Supreme Court yesterday declined to review a federal appeals court ruling against the University of Wisconsin, which said that the school is required to fund religious groups and activities with its student activities budget. You know what that means!

More Jesus! Dissatisfied with simply infiltrating frat houses, Jesus will now be able to get money directly from public colleges for a wide array of pro-Jesus activities.

A 2-to-1 ruling by the appeals court in that circuit last year took away the right of Wisconsin, and potentially other public colleges and universities, to support some student activities while denying funds to organizations for worship services, proselytizing, or other activities that explicitly involve the practice of religion. Wisconsin's rules permitted the funding of many activities organized and run by religious student groups. But the rules barred activities related to prayer or proselytizing. Among the activities that Wisconsin told a Roman Catholic group could not be financed (leading to the litigation) were summer training camps with Roman Catholic Masses, a program to bring nuns to campus to help students determine if they have the calling to be priests, and the distribution of Rosary booklets.

If they don't want to pay for proselytizing with public funds, they're free to stop paying for all student activities. So, that's fair. The good news: there's never been a better time to launch a Midwestern Campus Crusade for Satan.

[Inside Higher Ed. Photo: Dick O'Brien/ Flickr]