There are many loose ends to tie up as Pretty Little Liars prepares for its season finale. While hinting at answers to the show's main mysteries, tonight's episode deals with modern quandaries like sexting parents and assaulting the disabled.

While the girls discuss the police investigation of Spencer, Aria takes a quick minute to remind her illegal boyfriend the she cares for him. "Sending your significant other, loving and sensual messages throughout the day is a great way to keep the relationship spicy!"- ABC Family to the audience of this show. Unfortunately for Aria, her manicure sends the text to an unintended recipient.

That will ruin a weekend. Of course these things happen when the predictive text feature on phones changes "High School Teacher I Am Dating" to "Mom."


Soon, Aria's mom talks with her about the text.

Well, that was pretty harmless! That is a relief for Aria. Hopefully this will not lead her reuniting parents to discuss their daughter's privacy in a charged way that will end their budding reconciliation.


Unfortunately, that discussion makes Aria's mom leave the reunion dinner that the family was scheduled to enjoy. Holly Marie Combs never had these sorts of overreactions on Charmed (that was Shannen Doherty's domain).

Meanwhile, Hanna has discovered her live-in boyfriend, Caleb, has been paid by Jenna to spy and gather information. That is a deal-breaker, teenagers. Hanna quickly kicks Caleb out of her house. She also has some feelings for Jenna that she would like to express in the bathroom.

Jenna did not see that coming (Booo!).