Last night, the rejected bachelorettes gathered to rehash old grudges, complain about each other, and whine about their failed relationships with Brad. There were tears! Insults flew! Ladies be acting a fool! In other words, an entertaining two-hours of television.

Above, Brad and Chris Harrison recall Shawntel's job as a funeral director, and the effect that had on her relationship.

Michelle—who we all thought was an evil, villain type—ended up crying for almost the entire duration of her appearances. Here's a sample of the action, so intense that Chris Harrison had to tell the ladies to back off.


Then there was this totally unnecessary catfight between the two girls who got kicked out for being catty to each other. Oops!

When Brad finally came out, all he wanted to do was talk about his relationship with his new (yet still unknown) girlfriend. Check out the awkward moment when the rejected girls clap for it!


So who's it gonna be, guys? Chantal or Emily?