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Here's a trailer for the fifth movie in the Fast and the Furious saga, simply titled Fast Five. (They are no longer furious, I guess. Irritated? Irked? Content?) It's the same movie as always, except this time Paul Walker is fully a criminal and they are in Brazil and Michelle Rodriguez is still dead. (Spoiler guys, sorry.) At this point all Paul Walker and Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster do these days is say they're not going to make more Fast and the Furious movies and then go and make another Fast and the Furious movie. "Naw, we were just playin'. We're gonna make another one. Yeah."

Vin Diesel is 43 years old! Poor Vin Diesel. His is basically the truck in this trailer that's zooming and then goes flying into the air and it looks like it's going to do something cool, but then it just smushes into that train and that's all that happens.