The great thing about the stylistic diversions House has been taking these past few weeks is that they're not just novelties; each gimmick has been used to tell an integral part of the series's ongoing story.

In essence, each experiment is an homage to the various TV tropes the show has been playing around with. Last night, the show pulled out all of the stops: not only were we treated to five amazing, stylistically diverse dream sequences, but the episode cranked up the drama in the relationship between doctors House and Cuddy. At first, the pair were thrown together, as everyone briefly believed that Cuddy was dying of cancer. That brush with mortality, however, caused House to return to his Vicodin habit, and the revelation of this relapse ultimately tore the couple apart.

The clip above was the episode's final dream sequence, an elaborate song-and-dance number choreographed by Mia Michaels and more-than-a-little inspired by Baz Luhrmann. Click on the gallery picture of Hugh Laurie in a bowling shirt to be taken to another dream sequence — a cross between "Two and a Half Men" and "My Two Dads."


Talk about good timing... this minute of silliness is what Cuddy dreams might happen if she leaves custody of her daughter to House instead of her sister, and it was committed to tape weeks ago. Now that Charlie Sheen has ascended to the pop cultural pantheon of insanity, however, FOX has re-branded the clip as a segment from the hit sitcom "Winning!" and used it as a promotional tool.

To watch the other three dream, featuring House destroying zombified versions of his team-members, a Donna Reed-esque depiction of '50s marital bliss, and a re-enactment of the final scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, follow this link to find the official versions on