Citing unnamed "sources," NY1 reports that director Julie Taymor is leaving the troubled Spider-man musical Turn Off the Dark. The news comes a day after The New York Times wrote about ongoing "negotiations" between Taymor and the musical's producers, including U2 members Bono and the Edge, who wrote the musical's songs.

And! It looks like the opening date for the godforsaken thing is now in June, instead of next Tuesday. (This fact sets NY1 up for a punchline: "This means the show would not be eligible for any Tony awards this year.") And we have no way to confirm, but we have a sense—a spider-sense, if you will—that Bono, the Iago of Ierne, is behind this, plotting and scheming as he always has, ready to take over the musical and turn it into the autobiographical one-man show, starring himself, that he always intended it to be.

[NY1; image via Getty]