New research by a team of American doctors indicates that people living in England are healthier than people living in the United States. And no one knows why!

Based on the evidence, it's not because Americans are fatter, or drunker, or lazier, or more addicted to tobacco. And no, hippie, it's not because American health insurance is only for landed gentry—"even groups with good access to health insurance experienced worse health than people in England," the BBC writes smugly.

So what's the crucial different? Tea? The word "rubbish"? The Queen?? Maybe! But our researchers think it might have to do with preventative care at earlier ages:

"Given our finding of health differences between the US and England at young ages, a promising focus of future research - one that could help to elucidate the causes of poor health across the life course - is on health differences between countries at the earliest ages."

Eh. I bet it's the Queen.

[BBC; image via Shutterstock]