Hoboken, New Jersey gets notoriously rowdy during its annual St. Patrick's Day parade, and last weekend was no different. The city basically became a giant frat party: There was excessive drinking, puking, fighting, 34 arrests, and reports of sexual assaults. From the Times:

Firefighters responding to a backyard blaze were greeted by revelers on a balcony who spat down and also poured beer at them. Then someone threw a flower planter down, the fire chief, Richard Blohm, said.

A sampling of police reports presents a picture of a lawless afternoon, with drunken young men on the prowl. A 19-year-old wielding a knife menaced three people. A man kicked a woman he hardly knew after her fiancé told him off. Someone wearing green boxer shorts and no pants broke the spindles off a banister and urinated in a stairwell.

That sounds just like a shitty college party! Some residents, fearing for the worst, hid out at shopping malls or left town for the day. But the die-hards stayed true and kept the party alive:

By contrast, Nicole Magana, 33, said she kicked off a 15-hour spree on Saturday by taking a beer with her into the shower. Around 9 a.m., she arrived to a "kegs and eggs" themed party, which she left for a different "beer and bagels" event nearby.

Nothing wrong with that — having a beer in the shower is actually a pretty decent way to start your day. However, Magana blamed the "bridge-and-tunnel crowd, people who come here from out of town" for the general unruliness. Hoboken is a destination, people!

So how will authorities handle the event next year? The Jersey Journal reports that Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer has moved next year's parade to a Wednesday, in the hopes of keeping people in line. Good luck with that.

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