Hoboken Had an Awful, Lawless Frat Party Last Saturday

Hoboken, New Jersey gets notoriously rowdy during its annual St. Patrick's Day parade, and last weekend was no different. The city basically became a giant frat party: There was excessive drinking, puking, fighting, 34 arrests, and reports of sexual assaults. From the Times:

Firefighters responding to a backyard blaze were greeted by revelers on a balcony who spat down and also poured beer at them. Then someone threw a flower planter down, the fire chief, Richard Blohm, said.

A sampling of police reports presents a picture of a lawless afternoon, with drunken young men on the prowl. A 19-year-old wielding a knife menaced three people. A man kicked a woman he hardly knew after her fiancé told him off. Someone wearing green boxer shorts and no pants broke the spindles off a banister and urinated in a stairwell.

That sounds just like a shitty college party! Some residents, fearing for the worst, hid out at shopping malls or left town for the day. But the die-hards stayed true and kept the party alive:

By contrast, Nicole Magana, 33, said she kicked off a 15-hour spree on Saturday by taking a beer with her into the shower. Around 9 a.m., she arrived to a "kegs and eggs" themed party, which she left for a different "beer and bagels" event nearby.

Nothing wrong with that — having a beer in the shower is actually a pretty decent way to start your day. However, Magana blamed the "bridge-and-tunnel crowd, people who come here from out of town" for the general unruliness. Hoboken is a destination, people!


So how will authorities handle the event next year? The Jersey Journal reports that Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer has moved next year's parade to a Wednesday, in the hopes of keeping people in line. Good luck with that.

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