Kate Moss stole the Louis Vuitton runway show in Paris today by lighting up a cigarette on the runway during the finale. It's amazing that all it takes to be the ultimate rebel these days is to smoke tobacco in public.

People like to think that today's audiences are unshockable. You could show them naked midgets in blackface hurling poo at each other and setting crosses on fire and they'd be like, "Whatever. No big deal." But then you get a pretty lady to light up a cigarette indoors and it's a huge international incident and everyone pays attention. It's just a cigarette. This is possibly the most pedestrian drug of all (you can even do it before you can drink!) but now it's become so taboo it's the ultimate in rebellion. Welcome back, smoking, you black sheep, you. [Image via AP]

You know Kate was thinking, "I'm Kate Motherfucking Moss, and if I want to light a ciggy on the runway, I'm gonna do it. Snorting blow made my career stronger, I wonder what a few puffs will do." This is the first instance of someone educating the fashion crowd about what it means to be "gangsta." [Image via AP]


The model behind Kate is so pissed that Ms. Moss is getting all the attention. Just look at her. Sorry, lady, you are never going to be Kate Moss. Just deal with it. [Image via AP]