Terence Brown is a British man who sells The Anarchist's Cookbook—not the original one, but an updated version with information from all the latest terror movements—for $35 on CD-ROM. He was just convicted of violating England's Terrorism Act, and the judge warned him that he will almost certainly go to prison.

The CDs contained guides to making letter bombs and sneaking across borders, and contained excerpts from a wide variety of sources, including what British papers describe as an "information from an Al Qaeda training manual." Hey look, here's an Al Qaeda training manual, released by the Department of Justice. Arrest them!

On this side of the pond, we went through the whole Anarchist's Cookbook panic back in 1971. It ended differently. The FBI put together a 170-plus file on its author William Powell, but never even approached him for an interview, let alone arrest him. Now he's a teacher who wishes the thing had never been published. Anyway, if you live in England, be sure to avoid consuming any illegal information. Cheers!