Alright: the latest Forbes' billionaire list is out. Now we can all get out our Sharpies and draw circles around which billionaires we're gonna date this year. Kidding: billionaires only date other billionaires and underwear models.

The big story this year, besides "holy crap are these people rich," is that no less than six of Forbes' billionaires made their money (at least partly) from Facebook. Who are these guys? Let's take a look.

Mark Zuckerberg
No need to introduce Zuck. You know him, you love him. Maybe you hate him. Either way, he's got more money than you ever will, and his company was just valued at $65 billion.
Worth: $13.5 billion
Billionaire Rank: 52
Where Is He Now?: Still at Facebook, duh.


Dustin Moskovitz
Duskin Moskovitz was Zuckerberg's roommate at Harvard and a Facebook co-founder. He left in 2008 to start his own company. Back in his Facebook days he was fond of romping around parties in a sexxy viking costume. At 26, born six days after Zuckerberg, he's the world's youngest billionaire. Ladies! This is the billionaire for you. (His mairtal status is "single," according to Forbes.)
Worth: $2.7 billion
Billionaire Rank: 420
Where Is He Now? Running a new company called Asana and donating thousands of dollars to pot legalization efforts.


Sean Parker
Facebook's bad boy: Napster's hard-partying founder Sean Parker was portrayed by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network.
Worth: $1.6 billion
Billionaire Rank: 782
Where Is He Now? Investing in tech and whining about his portrayal in the Social Network.

Peter Thiel
Venture capitalist and PayPal founder Peter Thiel was one of Facebook's earliest backers.
Worth: $1.6 billion
Billionaire Rank: 833
Where Is He Now? Just being a super rich investor in California and losing lots of money with his Clarium Capital Management hedge fund.

Yuri Milner
Russian tech titan Yuri Milner is the head of Digital Sky Technologies investment firm. He's put millions into Facebook.
Worth: $1 billion
Billionaire Rank: 1440
Where Is He Now? Most recently, he engaged in a stalkery effort to invest in Chatroulette and was rebuffed by its 18-year-old founder, back when Chatroulette was a thing. (Milner's probably relieved that didn't work out.)

Eduardo Saverin
Poor Eduardo Saverin: He was Harvard roomies with Zuckerberg and helped found Facebook only to be forced out and given a severance package now worth more than $1 billion. Boo. Hoo.
Worth: $1.6 billion
Billionaire Rank: 356
Where Is He Now: Supposedly in Singapore investing in Facebook games? He probably spends all day in his room crying about Facebook.

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