So, it turns out that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is kind of a humungous liar, as The New York Times catalogs extensively in a front-page article in Thursday's paper. Not that anyone cares!

But Peter J. Woolley, a politics professor and polling director at Fairleigh Dickinson University, said there had been no sign, so far, that these issues had much effect on the governor's political standing.

"People prefer directness to detail," Professor Woolley said. "People know it's not unusual for politicians to take the shortcut in public debate, that they're not academics who are going to qualify everything."

We'd go farther than that and say that a lot of people, maybe especially people in New Jersey, actually like it when their politicians are assholes, like sixth-grade boys who love the camp counselor that's meanest to them. But don't worry! The only thing New Jersey loves more than oversensitive bullying dicks is hating its governors. So, yes, eventually Chris Christie will have to take his vlogging act elsewhere. It just won't have anything to do with the fact that he lies all the time!