With revolution sweeping the Arab world and new photos of Hitler's mistress coming to light, murderous dictators are much in the news. Here's border control zealot Mark Krikorian raising a timely question, in National Review blog The Corner:

Those Eva Braun pictures reminded me of Qaddafi's "voluptuous blond," both of whom lead me to wonder—why can't dictators find better-looking mistresses? Hitler and Khadafy are (were) absolute rulers over millions of subjects, and these girls are the best they can do? It's not like either woman was ugly, but with all that money and power, you'd these goons could find a super-model willing to be their "nurse."

Dictators these days: Great at pillaging, but falling short when it comes to quality raping. But is this a fair evaluation of Hitler? Just because he wanted to build a master race of blond-haired blue-eyed people doesn't mean he's shallow. Eva Braun probably had a wonderful personality.

Unless, of course, Hitler's failure to sleep with hotties is actually proof of how monstrous he was. Quoth Corner commenter redsquare76:

The twisted mentally unbalanced loons who become dictators have a twisted view of everything including a different understanding of what beauty is from the rest of us.

Wasn't there a song about this? "If you want to be a fascist for the rest of your life / Make an ugly woman your wife." In fact, this is how we know Nicolas Sarkozy is a great leader—his wife is a total babe! The Holocaust was such a waste—of hot chicks!

Ugh. [The Corner, image via LIFE.com/Getty Images]


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