We all know that Rachel Zoe is the skinny (even when pregnant) crazy lady who runs around in recycled hippie garb and dresses celebs. She even has a TV show. But did you know that she's raking in serious money? I. Die.

According to this gigantic (and fawning) profile of Zoe in The Hollywood Reporter Zoe started as a stylist in New York making $18K at YM magazine. Now she employs a staff of 14 (not just the three people you see on her TV show) and earns $10,000 a job styling celebrities and photo shoots, makes $50,000 an episode for The Rachel Zoe Project (which comes back in the fall), has the Luxe Rachel Zoe for QVC, and is about to launch the Rachel Zoe Collection (a line sold in department stores) which could make her as much as $20 million.

Already, Zoe "easily clears seven figures" a year. That is all just ba-nan-AHs, as Rachel would say. Celebs get clothes for free, but pay someone $10K to find a dress? Does that seem a bit like misappropriating resources? And she makes millions? I'm really in the wrong racket. And we're not the only ones who are jealous. "I only wish I could have Rachel Zoe's salary, her house and a TV show." Know who said that? André Leon Talley! And you know if those Vogue bitches are jealous then you have to be pulling in some serious coin.

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