How dead is Soviet-style communism? This dead:

In a ceremony with caviar and wine at Trump Tower in Manhattan on Thursday, Mr. Trump signed a deal to develop the two tallest towers in the republic of Georgia, the former Soviet state at the nexus of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Giving his blessing to the deal was Mikheil Saakashvili, the flamboyant, English-speaking president of Georgia. Mr. Saakashvili is eager to attract foreign investment as he tries to yank his impoverished country from the Russian orbit and align it more closely with the United States.

Of course, Donald Trump does not actually build all buildings called "Trump buildings." That'd be too linguistically simple. Trump licenses his name to these buildings, and then someone else builds them. In this case, the builder will be a Georgian developer named Giorgi Ramishvili. But if Ramishvili builds Trump buildings, who will build Ramishvili buildings? I'm worried about your personal brand, Giorgi. [NYT, image via Getty]