While what comes before the @-symbol may include the letters and characters you picked out, what comes after it still says a whole lot about you. A new study breaks down the types of people that use different types of free email services.

Hunch.com asked its 700,000 users a bunch of questions and, based on their responses and their email addresses, the site came up with the portrait of the average user of various email services. Here's what they found:


  • Male
  • Young
  • Live in a city and is well traveled
  • College educated and career-oriented
  • Owns an iPhone
  • Would rather have dinner with Steve Jobs than Olivia Munn
  • Politically liberal
  • Single and childless, probably because you still think girls are icky


  • Female
  • Young
  • Live in the suburbs, probably with your parents and probably still with pink wallpaper from when you were 14
  • Introverted
  • Likes reading and eating sweets
  • Single (see all of the above)


  • Female
  • Young
  • Has a few kids
  • Likes to lie around in your pajamas
  • Overweight
  • Reads lots of magazines, probably telling you how to lose weight and what clothes to wear when you finally take off your pajamas
  • Extroverted, because if you were fat and shy, no one would talk to you
  • Fond of excessive punctuation


  • Female
  • Over 35
  • Has a few kids
  • Been in a relationship for more than 10 years
  • This should go without saying—since you have some kids and been married for a decade—but you're fat
  • Doesn't travel much since, well, it's just so hard for Dale to get time off work and then what do you do with the kids, and money is so tight...
  • You probably enjoy intricate emoticons and sending email chain letters to your children
  • People make fun of you when you give them your email address

[Image via Shutterstock]