If you want to online date but are concerned about unusual likes and/or sexual habits, Microsoft has patented a service for you! The service helps people with "fringe interests and eccentricities" find mates without having to explain everything to the squares.

From the patent, via Geekwire:

For example, an ambitious professional is not likely to divulge that he likes, say, comic books, even though quite true. Appreciably, certain affinities especially those relating to fringe interests, eccentricities, or topics about which there is a common misconception or very little mainstream familiarity or understanding are generally omitted [in a user's profile] rather than included in conventional descriptions.

Typically, this is so because these affinities might be a source of shame or embarrassment or incur undue explanation. Thus, certain cautious or prudent users may forego detailing an affinity that is not politically correct or one that might easily be taken out of context by others or virtually any affinity that can be the source of the slightest bit of embarrassment or conflict with a desired image.

They use comic books as an example. But you know what they really mean. "Comic books."

So, in your public dating profile you can present as a run-of-the-mill bicycling enthusiast. But in your secret settings you can let your freak flag fly and you'll get matched up automatically with other people who are into the same crazy stuff via an algorithm. Brilliant. There's no word on whether this will ever become a reality, but we know of some… um… friends who would be interested in seeing if there's anyone else out there into role-playing Mercury Program-era astronauts. [Geekwire]