Earlier this morning an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale rocked Japan. Here are all the must watch videos coming in from the small island nation. Are we missing any? Email us at tips@gawker.tv and we'll add them.

Video of blast at Fukushima nuke plant, radiation leak reported.


Various footage from The New York Times.

Scary personal video of guy in his apartment during the quake.

High-Rise buildings in Tokyo sway during massive earthquake


Footage from around Japan the moment the earthquake hit.

The Japan airport hit gets with a tsunami.

A boat gets swept into a tsunami whirlpool.

Inside a Tokyo supermarket.

People running from their apartment.

Another from inside an apartment.

Footage from Aljazeera.

Footage from the AP.

A fire breaks out in the distance.

Not your normal day at the office.

Duck and cover in the living room.

The smoke uprising from the streets.

Video from The Guardian UK

Hundreds of cars are pulled out to sea.

The tsunami makes it to San Francisco Bay.