The Upper Breast Side is Manhattan's leading lactation and breastfeeding resource center and retail store with a pun in its name. A valuable resource for befuddled and sore-titted moms. Naturally, a cabal of wealthy bastards want to destroy it.

Elissa Gootman has the tale of UBS's battle with The Pythian, the fancy apartment building that rents ground floor space to the breastfeeding center. The Pythian's board fined the store's owner for leaving the door cracked so that pregnant moms would be able to, you know, open it. And more:

This was not her first run-in with the condo board: She said there had been complaints over her daughter's drawing on the sidewalk outside with chalk, for example, and about her placement of a plant in front of the store.

The Pythian wants to kick UBS out for not being a "community facility." What a bunch of shitheads.

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