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This week on the epic Greek Tragedy that is Jersey Shore, the Situation reignites Sammi and Ronnie's endless break-up drama. He does this by telling Ronnie, Sammi texted other guys when they were broken up- which apparently is very wrong.

The Situation is hands down the worst roommate ever. He's that guy that doesn't pay rent on time, and tells your girlfriend you watched porn. He's the guy who lets your dog out of it's kennel so it can poop all over your apartment. He is also, apparently, the guy who gets in the middle of all your relationship drama and then claims he wasn't starting shit. Oh, you were starting shit, Situation.

So, Ronnie and Sammi are fighting again because Sammi texted another man when they were broken up- something The Situation, famed private investigator, found out at the club. Texting another man when she was broken up with Ronnie was something Sammi was also completely within her rights to do one would assume. Ronnie doesn't think so though and they get into another one of their famous screaming matches. The roommates moan and groan with Pauly D declaring he will kill himself if Ronnie and Sammi get back together. How interesting seeing as it's all the roommates fault this fight had happened in the first place. Had the Situation not told Ronnie about Sammi's texting, everything would be okay. Situation, you suck.