On last night's The Big Bang Theory, Leonard's girlfriend Priya told him he couldn't hang out with Penny anymore... But what really stole the show was Sheldon being completely confused by a simple card trick! Score 1 for simpletons!

And when even Penny can figure out the secret to the trick, Sheldon's world is totally turned upside down. It's surprisingly refreshing, in a schadenfreude kind of way, to see a genius get so baffled.

Sheldon tries reverse-engineering Wolowitz's trick using technology from a top secret federal lab. When that doesn't work, we get a glimpse of what a Sheldon-style card trick would look like, complete with bar codes, smart phones, and a little "bibbity bobbity boo".


By the end of the episode, Sheldon is not only still perplexed by the card trick, but in trouble with the government. At this point, it would just be cruel to tell him Wolowitz and Raj have been cheating the entire time.