The Maryland House of Delegates was going to hold its vote on legalizing same-sex marriage this afternoon after a dramatic legislative grind. But Democrats, true to their name, have managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The bill was sent back to committee following today's debate, effectively killing its chances for passage in this year's legislative session.

The House needed a simple majority of 71 out of 141 members to send the bill to a supportive Gov. Martin O'Malley, since it had already passed the state Senate. Just a couple of weeks ago the bill had secured enough votes, but last-minute pressure from church groups and the National Organization for Marriage apparently scared a few new, sensitive delegates into wavering on their commitments. It's been bleeding support ever since, to the point where House leaders didn't feel confident enough to bring it to a formal vote today.

Sorry, Maryland gays. You can always go to D.C. and get married! Everybody's doing it.

[Image via AP]