Today at Gawker.TV, watch duet between Zooey Deschanel and Glee's Matthew Morrison, Andy Cohen subs for Regis, Seth Rogen's crazy Chinese talk show appearance and Rihanna and Chelsea Handler trade stories about a party they both attended.

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the Day Zach Galifianakis Promises to "Shave Off Everything" For Tomorrow's SNL
The last time Zach hosted Saturday Night Live, he shaved off his beard mid-way through the episode. In this new round of promos—which feature musical guest Jessie J—he promises much more.

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the DayRihanna Accuses Chelsea Handler of "Getting Gangsta" at Her Birthday Party
When Rihanna stopped by Chelsea Lately yesterday, Chelsea immediately calls her out on being late to her own birthday party while Rihanna tells a few rumors she heard about Chelsea's behavior that night. Man, that sounds like an incredible party.

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the Day Mike Tyson is on a Drug Called Charlie Sheen
On Access Hollywood Live, Mike Tyson discusses the topic on everyone's lips lately: Charlie Sheen. In almost full Tom Cruise spirit, Iron Mike becomes more and more vibrant.

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the Day Kelly Ripa Begs Andy Cohen to Cast Her in the Real Housewives Franchise
When Regis is away, Andy Cohen comes to play! While giving the Live! audience a run-down of his credentials, Kelly seizes the opportunity for to beg him to be on one of his Real Houswives shows.


Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the Day Zooey Deschanel and Mattew Morrison Sing a Duet in a Made-For-TV Musical
Hey, this is relevant to my interests—and not just because I was in my high school's production of Once Upon a Mattress. See a young Zooey sing "In a Little While" with Glee's Matthew Morrison.

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the Day Conan Digs Up Seth Rogen's Ridiculous Appearance on a Beijing Talk Show
Between stories of meeting George Lucas and getting caught by paparazzi holding a lot of toilet paper, Conan aired a silly clip of Seth Rogen's recent appearance on a Chinese talk show.

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the Day Samantha Bee Takes an MTV Cribs-like Tour of the Average American Teacher's Home
Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee took a tour through the lifestyles of the rich and famous average American teacher. Sam is very impressed, saying things like "look at all these toys and games—where am I, the Neverland Ranch?"

Gawker.TV: The Best Videos Ever of the DayArcher: Bring a Movie Star to Work Day
Meet Rona, Archer's answer to the Reese Witherspo