During last night's Real Time, Bill Maher decried shows like Secret Millionaire—which he claims "try and put a happy ending on America's enormous wealth disparity"—in a rant against the glamorization/idolization of the rich by the poor.

[There was a video here]

Maher's rant came during the show-ending "New Rules" segment; he introduced the topic by saying, "Television networks have to stop making shows that try and put a happy ending on America's enormous wealth disparity, and instead make a show called Shine My Shoes, Fuckface!" and continuing with, "Come on! This is America, where the top 400 people have more money than the bottom 150 million combined." (Is anyone else surprised—even somewhat—by that figure?)

"People watch this shit and find it inspirational," Maher later lamented, before telling the poor, "America's rich aren't giving you money—they're taking your money!" and citing a statistic that claims 80% of the income generated in America between 1980-2005 went to the top 1% of earners.

The segment wasn't *all* glum, though—in true Maher style, he was able to work in a few pointed (and admittedly damn funny) jokes. But in the interest of not spoiling the fun, I'll let you find out what they were yourself, straight from the angry horse's mouth (via the above video).

[Real Time with Bill Maher]