Alain Schaberger, an 11-year veteran of the NYPD, died on Sunday when he was allegedly shoved over a stoop railing in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn while attempting to handcuff a suspect. Schaberger was attempting to arrest George Villanueva, an ex-convict whose girlfriend had accused him of making death threats earlier in the day; the police officer had apparently placed one of Villanueva's wrists in the handcuffs when the ex-convict, who had been drinking, shoved him with both hands. According to police reports, Schaberger tumbled over the railing, falling nine feet and landing on his head. He fractured his neck, and died in the hospital. Villanueva had been arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend just a month earlier, on Feb. 4, but his girlfriend refused to press charges. Both Schaberger and Villanueva are 42. [NYDN]