From the "You think your local politicians are bad..." department: the mayor, police chief, and a town councilman in the border town of Columbus, New Mexico have been arrested and charged with running an illegal gun-smuggling ring. The mayor allegedly bought dozens of pistols and stored them, and the police chief allegedly bought body armor. The Feds say that much of the material was destined for violent Mexican drug gangs that operate just across the border. Nice.

The city fathers selected only the best partners in crime for their illegal ventures:

Most of the weapons were bought in the community of Chaparral, N.M., which is about 20 miles north of El Paso. Ian Garland, one of the men arrested, is accused of selling weapons from his home. He allegedly advertised on signs posted around Columbus: "AK-47, Romanian, new, $550," reads one sign at a highway intersection.

What is this, Texas?

[WSJ. Photo via]