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The above video of Israeli glamour girl Orit Fox posing sexily with a snake, only to get nailed in the boob by its fangs, made the rounds last week. What we did not know until now: The situation resulted in a reverse Cleopatra! Instead of an asp killing a woman by means of breast, a woman killed an asp by means of the poisonous venom inside her breast.

Of course, I'm not sure why this would be lethal to the snake but not Orit, who was treated only with a tetanus shot. You'd think puncturing a silicone sack inside one's body would lead to problematic leaks, or something?

The story of the asp's death by boob chomp comes to us from The Sun, an id-like publication that makes up for deficits in factual accuracy by indulging the collective subconscious' sickest fears and desires. So it may not be true, but it feels like it should be. [Sun]

Update: The snake lives! Phew.