Click to viewWait! Before you read anything else in this post, watch the video linked here.

Okay, now that you've watched, it, look at your hands. Are they covered with blood? If yes, then you are susceptible to mind control! Also, you just murdered your parents. (Sorry!) No, actually, if you just watched the video, you are susceptible to mind control, because we controlled your mind and forced you to watch it!

Actually, no. Watch the video, follow the directions, and see if you are "suggestible." If your hands move significantly, then yes, you probably are. We don't usually go for sweeping statements about character based on one-minute video tests, but we're pretty suggestible, so we agree with psychologist Richard Wiseman (the guy in the video) when he says:

Non-suggestible types tend to be more down-to-earth, logical and enjoy puzzles and games. In contrast, suggestible types tend to have a good imagination, be sensitive, intuitive and find it easier to become absorbed in books and films.

Suggestible types also make good Stormtroopers..

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