Right now, tweens in New Jersey who send "suggestive photos" to their "bffs" can be prosecuted as sex offenders. And even though this makes perfect sense, and is a productive way for the state to teach adolescents that the expression of sexuality is a deeply harmful thing, pervert lawmakers are attempting to stop it with a new bill. Yes, New Jersey may soon be the Amsterdam of sexting:

The bill would let teens caught sexting avoid prosecution, and perhaps have to register as Megan's Law offenders, if they complete an education program at their own cost.

The courts would decide which teenagers were eligible for the diversionary program. The attorney general's office would develop the curriculum.

While we obviously support an expensive class teaching teenagers about how shameful the sex-parts of their bodies are, we believe it should be combined with mandatory registration as a sex pervert and at least one day in the stocks.

[NBC New York; image via Shutterstock]