Libya's fledgling rebel leadership, on the defensive after blistering attacks from pro-Qaddafi forces, have added another item to their wish list from Western powers who were meeting in Paris yesterday: That someone please assassinate Brother Leader Muammar Qaddafi.

The Guardian, speaking to rebel spokesman Mustafa Gheriani on the sidelines of yesterday's G8 meeting in Paris, said:

"We are telling the west we want a no-fly zone, we want tactical strikes against those tanks and rockets that are being used against us and we want a strike against Gaddafi's compound."

As Western nations deliberate, these actions seem more unlikely by the day. The paper then asked if this meant that the rebels want Qaddafi killed:

"Why not? If he dies, nobody will shed a tear."

True! Except for the men on his payroll. And Hugo Chavez.