It's finally over! Brad Womack's second chance at love has come and gone—and ended in quite a complicated fashion! He proposes to Emily—who accepts—but we discover in the After the Rose special that things aren't exactly peachy now.

The episode began with Brad seeing his family for the first time in a long time. He got really emotional about the whole thing, and cried like a little girl. Also, we learn that Brad has a twin brother. Ladies! There's another Brad Womack walking around in this world. WHAT?! Brace yourselves. Although come to think of it, I guess we're all just lucky that ABC decided to not have a Bachelor(s): Twins Editon.

The show flew in a guy so that Brad could go ring-shopping in South Africa. While there were many cheesy moments in the episode, this one may have taken the cake.


Here's Chantal getting dumped while wearing whatever that feathery thing was on her shoulder. Seriously, could not stop staring at the feathers blowing in the breeze the whole time.

Because we care so much more about watching people's pain and heartbreak, here's the jist of the proposal. Yeah, yeah, yeah... okay, actually this is actually quite adorable.


Things got really good in the After the Final Rose after show. First up, let's watch the terribly-awkward meeting of Brad and Chantal—the first time they've seen each other since the show.

Yep, that's awkward—especially the "Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were laughing, not crying" bit. But at least Chantal has a new boyfriend now—which should definitely soften the blow of being rejected on a national level.

I'd like to take a moment to point out the ridiculous reactions and facial expressions of the entire audience during the show. See how absolutely shocked they are to hear that Brad and Emily broke up in the time that's passed since the show?

Chris Harrison wanted to make sure that the whole audience knew that the original plans for the special was to be a wedding, in Aguilla, between Brad and Emily. And again, the audience is shocked—shocked!—that Emily doesn't plan on marrying Brad anytime soon.

So, what's the stem of their issues? Well, watching the show every Monday, of course! It's actually quite refreshing to hear a reality contestant be honest about the fact that it's simply a mind-fuck (and kind of incestual) to watch the man you're engaged to getting together with 25 other ladies for months and months on end.

Now that The Bachelor is over—and Emily doesn't have to watch Brad making out with the other contestants every week on her TV—the couple is going for a "fresh start" and plan to get married, well, someday. At least their relationship didn't crash and burn like Jake and Vienna's did!