Across America, millions upon millions of despondent mothers (3.9 million, specifically!) have started blogs to share their feelings of anomie, their existential despair at the trap that their lives have become, and cleaning tips. Many of them aspire to one day be used as a small cog in a vast corporate marketing machine. They work cheap!

There's always some multinational corporation out there willing to use your momblog to sell more soap somehow. And give you feelings of validation, in the process! Because companies will make their own marketing campaign into a competition for you, the moms, to compete against one another, to promote a random product, in order to win a trifling prize, as in this campaign for Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products:

The 53 bloggers in the network who were selected to participate in the campaign were given $50 Target gift cards. They in turn had an average of 1,762 Twitter followers, many of whom forwarded messages to others.

The one-month campaign resulted in 7.68 million Twitter views

Only $2,650 in gift cards for 7.68 million Twitter views. You mommy bloggers are so inexpensive, and willing!

[NYT. Photo via Shutterstock]