Aubrey O'Day continued to rule Versailles from her bathtub as her courtiers dueled (aka threw drinks on and shoved each other), and her charming, noble father drank himself into a fedora-d frenzy. And there was a lesbian kiss, of course.

This episode was pure Michael Hirschorn goodness - everything is eye candy, from the graphics to the locations to the star. Aubrey is styled to the nines, as are her pets and friends. She's talented, which is actually refreshing in reality-land, and working with heavyweights including ADONIS whose name speaks the truth, girl. Adonis. Anyway, where was I? Okay, in this week's episode Aubrey held a Twitter party for her most dedicated followers, who competed for the chance to visit court through a Gmail essay writing extravaganza. All of the Persian mafia showed up, many in Balmain, and Aubrey did shots with them and dished about Danity Kane and was essentially a fan's dream.

Then The Frenemies began to drown out the festivities by practicing their new song "Your BF Has No Swagger But I'll Chat Him Up Anywayz." Which was awesome, and maybe staged? Whatever, girl fight!!


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There was more sexy dog action, then Aubrey's father Rico finally appeared. Ah Rico. Is it common knowledge that Aubrey O'Day had a challenging childhood? I guess her mother hid her from her dad for years and years or something sad? Aubrey describes Rico as a cross between "Jack Nicholson, a pimp, and a sea captain". She takes his, um, eccentricities in stride, perhaps because she has a bawdy side herself, but I believe it's because she simply wants family and is now estranged from her mother. In this online extra clip she tells him she's gay, and pregnant, and he coins a term he calls CC I'm currently trying to forget.


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