The most noteworthy feature of the new redesign: its opinion section (the world's worst) now features "Left-Leaning" and "Right-Leaning" tabs, so that you can comfortably segregate yourself in the opinion ghetto of your choice. The Washington Post is now perfectly fair!

Goodbye, nuance. Adios, iconoclasts. Sayonara, free thinkers. WaPo columnists are now assigned one box or the other, and that's where they'll stay. (Spoiler: Wikileaks-hating admirer of government secrecy Richard Cohen is "Left-leaning.") There are also left and right-leaning news feeds and Twitter feeds, to more fully ensure that no one ever be forced to encounter an opinion contrary to one's own. This, at last, is the full realization of the simplistic and rotten Washington journalistic ethos: as long as we have an equal amount of "left" and "right," we are completely and totally balanced, and insulated from any legitimate criticism. True journalistic perfection. Anyone whose beliefs fall anywhere outside of these boxes is simply not to be taken seriously.

It's a good thing they waited until David Broder passed away, or they would have had to give him his very own tab.